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I’m curious about what this site has to offer.

You’re in luck! The Novel Smithy has grown a lot since its inception, so it now has a handy “Start Here” page. Use this to browse our most popular resources, writing tools, articles, and more.

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I’m looking to develop my writing skills.

Whether you want to build stronger characters, craft a riveting plot, or plan your next novel, I can help! You can check out my bestselling writing craft books and workbooks here.

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I want to ask you a question about writing.

One of my favorite parts of this job is working one-on-one with writers. So, don’t hesitate to reach out! I typically respond to emails in just a few days (and yes, I actually do respond).

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Dive into writing with The Novel Smithy’s free Resource Library, a collection of writing workbooks, guides, and other helpful tools designed to take you from first idea to finished draft!

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How to Write Non-Romantic Relationships

How to Write Non-Romantic Relationships

Nothing against romance—it’s just not all there is. Romance is a common story element and often an expected one. However, we shouldn’t feel like romance is a requirement. There can be great value in writing stories with no romance at […]
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8 Ways to Create (And Stick To) A Writing Schedule

8 Ways to Create (And Stick To) A Writing Schedule

Good habits are an important part of being a writer. It takes time to achieve success as an author, and one of the biggest aspects of that success is often a regular writing habit—and that starts with creating a sustainable […]
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The Four Act Structure: What It Is + How It Works

The Four Act Structure: What It Is + How It Works

“What is the Four Act Structure?” I talk a lot about the Three Act Structure on this site, but a few months ago, a friendly reader asked me this question—and, well, it sent me down a rabbit hole I’m only […]
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It’s Nice to Meet You!

I’m Lewis Jorstad, a developmental editor, writing craft author, and the founder of The Novel Smithy.

In my normal life, I’m a lover of videogames and travel, as well as the steward of a very creaky sailboat. When I’m not working on stories of my own, I spend my time teaching up-and-coming writers the skills they need to write their dream novels.

It’s great to meet you! 👋😁

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“I loved Lewis’ style of teaching. It’s warm, friendly and accessible to anyone at any point in their novel writing journey.” – Jennifer N.